Doggify App

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The next step in the Martin System® revolution.

Connect your collar and transmitter with your phone / mobile device and get access to unprecedented level of information and support.

  • Contact Measurement
  • Temperature measurement of the collar
  • Battery level indication for both collar and transmitter

Collar Settings

Customize your e-collar exactly as you want.

  • Add the name of your dog(s) and choose a dedicated colour per dog
  • Customize your collar settings
    • Enable/disable skin contact
    • Enable/disable clicker
    • Allow collar to be controlled by 4 transmitters

Stimulation Settings

Adjust your education tool in accordance with animal welfare and allow yourself to be in perfect harmony with your dog.

  • Adapt the stim-levels according to your dog’s sensibility and the dog-master relationship and level of experience

Stimulation Mode

Tune the stimulation exactly as you want.

  • Continuous stim <-> pulsating stim (by level)
  • Enable/disable the tone, vibration, stimulation by level

Transmitter Settings

Adapt the set-up of your transmitter according to your needs.

  • Customize “rising/decreasing” mode (max number level, speed of the modification)
  • Enable/disable stimulation feedback on the transmitter
  • Change the number of dogs controlled (1, 2 or 4 dogs)
  • Control the settings of each stimulation button

Switch Settings

Adjust button settings in line with required output.

  • Modification of the level (0 to 18)
  • Modification of the mode (flash, continuous, rising…)