Terms and Conditions

  1. General Terms and Conditions

The sales site https://www.e-collarshop.com is an e-commerce site accessible via the internet and open to any internet user. The general terms and conditions apply to all offers made by https://www.e-collarshop.com and to all agreements concluded with you. Anyone who orders a product offered for sale on the site shall be deemed to have read the present general terms and conditions of sale and to have expressly agreed to them. This acceptance is not subject to a handwritten signature by the user.

  1. Ordering

Orders can be placed through the online store. You enter into a sales agreement as soon as you have sent your order in the online ordering procedure or by e-mail and it has been processed by https://www.e-collarshop.com. In other words, as soon as you click on “Place Order”, the order is definitively confirmed and registered and the sale is definitively closed. In accordance with the provisions of the law of 9 July 2001 establishing certain rules relating to the legal framework for electronic transactions, it is reminded that your order form is equivalent to an electronic signature which, between the parties, has the same legal value as a handwritten signature and serves as proof of the completeness of the order and of the payment of the sums due by virtue of the said order. Your order form shall be recorded in the computer registers, which shall in turn be kept on a secure and durable data carrier, and shall serve as proof of the contractual relations between the parties. The contract is then electronically archived and is intended solely for use by Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. He has the right not to execute orders or part of orders without giving reasons or conditions.

  1. Prices

The prices mentioned in the most recent internet page of https://www.w-collarshop.com are valid. For the most up to date price information, we recommend that you consult the website. As long as the agreement is not concluded, Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. is entitled to change the prices and further conditions on the website. All prices include costs of packaging, excluding VAT, costs of transport, shipping, insurance and statutory contributions. Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. is also after the conclusion of the agreement authorized to change the rate of sales tax and any other taxes and/or levies charged to you.

  1. Payments

Orders will only be dispatched after the total amount (incl. postage and 5%
PayPal costs) has been fully paid into the following account:

Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv.
Holstraat 46
1840 Londerzeel Belgium

KBC Bank
Havenlaan 2
1080 Brussels
IBAN BE95 7330 7139 4858


Always mention the date of the order and the name on the receipt address with your bank transfer. The payment must be credited to our account within 7 days after order confirmation.

  1. Delivery

All orders will be shipped to the specified address (no P.O. box addresses). Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. is not responsible if a home-delivered shipment is returned due to an address error or incomplete address. So always make sure you fill in the correct and complete address. The goods travel on your order and at your expense and risk. Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. outsources the shipments and is therefore not legally responsible for the integrity of the delivery method of the products you ordered. Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. will deliver the order expeditiously. From the moment the order is paid it normally takes a maximum of 14 working days before your order is shipped. Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. will do its best to ensure that all products ordered by you are available. However, it may happen that an article is out of stock, in which case we will inform you as soon as possible to decide an alternative arrangement with you. Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. can not be held liable for damage that would result from a product not being in stock. If delivery of an article is not possible for any reason, Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. will, in consultation with you, deliver another article with comparable price and quality or make alternative arrangements. Despite all the care we take with orders, it may happen that an order is not delivered or is incomplete. In that case you can report this to us up to 7 days after your order and the delivery may be completed or re-delivered at our expense.

  1. Returns

You have the possibility to return delivered items up to 14 days after delivery. However, you must inform Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. in writing with the reason for the return. The returned items must be undamaged and unused in their original packaging to be returned. In addition, the postage must be fully paid by you (the buyer). Unfortunately, we cannot accept packages with unpaid postage.
These will be refused or the costs will be charged to the customer. If the items are unused and returned on time and correctly, Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. will refund you the price paid, excluding shipping and insurance costs, as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receiving the items back. Returns of articles are at your expense and risk. It is wise to ask for proof of shipment in case of returns.

  1. Warranty

Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. offers the guarantees provided by law. Hans Verbruggen Dog Training bv. is not liable for force majeure, accident, misuse, poor maintenance or incorrect handling of an article by the customer or transport company. Any problem relating to damage or failure of an article must be reported within 7 days after receipt in writing or in person to office@e-collarshop.com (proof of the date of receipt must always be provided by the buyer). In the event of any repair, all items must be clean and dry, otherwise they will be returned back to the owner. Postage must be fully paid by the owner.

  1. Disputes

Belgian law is applicable.